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Chaiangmai rock climbing adventures



They have a small shop by a golf club and carry good quality gear…at a price.

The only thing I’d criticise is their range of larger tents – they don’t carry any with a full outer tent so pretty useless during the wet.


Tents and camping equipment can be hired at most national parks, but it’s also possible to go to any Tesco or Big C superstore and buy tents, sleeping bags and other equipment such as kerosene lamps. Tents can be bought for as little as 500 baht, so if you plan on camping for 2 days or more, it’s well worth the cost,

A simple 2 person dome tent will cost you below 1,000 baht (30 US dollars). Tesco Lotus, Big C department store, Central, Sportsworld etc. they all have them.

Try Super Sport (sometimes inside Robinson Department Store inside Central) often situated inside the many Central Plazas in Thailand. I was checking out The North Face gear in one in Chiang Rai today

I have stayed at several National Parks around Thailand and you’ll find that most have camping gear for hire – it’s all pretty crappy too. however I’ve also witnessed the effects of one night of quite heavy rain on these tents (it does rain in the dry – especially in mountainous national parks; that’s why they’re called rainforests.) ……..
At the campsite at Khao Yai – EVERY rental tent was laid out to dry, together with bedding sleeping bags, clothing etc. etc. Many people had already packed up and left the site, they had to a man got soaked through – the tents weren’t waterproof, had no outer tent and any heavy rain just poured straight in. The only ones remaining were those who owned proper quality more sophisticated tents….big or small.
Remember when it rains in Thailand it can REALLY rain, so just one night can ruin your whole camping experience.

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