Prasat Muang Singh

None of the local tours in kanchanaburi went there. So I decided to take the earliest train to #namtok and try my luck there. A taxi driver knew exactly where it was and I had my trip. It was definitely worth the visit.
At the height of its power, the vast Khmer empire stretched out all the way West to deep into present day Kanchanaburi.
The temple complex is a large area near the Khwae noi river, was dedicated to hindu God shiva. Though it seems to have been converted into a Buddhist temple somewhere after as with most of the Khmer temples.
The lower half of the linga can be seen around the temple.

Fantastic experience. The grounds are meticulously maintained and the place is indescribable in its beauty! They also have western toilets available….trust me…this is important. You will walk and walk and drink more water. Its a place to spend an entire day!

Visited May 2016

We traveled there via rental car. At times we had the monuments to ourselves to explore which was special. The site is lovingly maintained and the audio tour via phone excellent. If you are in the area this is a nice activity that will fill 1-2 hours depending on your level of interest.

Visited April 2016

You need your own transport to get to this, about 40 minutes from the town centre.
Grounds are well kept, there is really just the one large monument to see, as well as a partly excavated burial site.
Design is Khmer and similar to the site at Phimai, although a lot smaller.
Very quiet when we were there, maybe due to the remote location.
100 baht for non-Thais, 50 baht to take car in (recommended)

Visited April 2016


The day we went here, we practically had the whole place to ourselves. The main monument is surrounded by nice parklike gardens. The rest of the site is somewhat drier, but still pleasant as well. The ruins themselves were not the most impressive that I’ve seen, but definitely one of the most enjoyable. We saw plenty of birds around the site, and also enjoyed wandering over to the river. Be aware that the burial site has actual skeletons excavated, which I found somewhat confronting not having expected it! There is also a little museum mainly with replicas of artefacts – the real ones are at another larger museum. There are toilets and kiosks there, and a cute little model of the site. It’s a decent hike out of town, but we felt that it was worth it. Only 100 Baht for entry too.

Visited March 2016


Shanti Lodge – “A Magical Retreat”


We are located in the Erawan National Park mountains 12km above the beautiful crystal clear  Erawan Waterfall. 45 km NW of Kanchanburi and a day trip away from The  Tiger temple , operating as an organic farm with bamboo and wood bungalows for rent

Our farm is  once again open to travelers who are looking to experience true village life style away from the influence of the well worn road of extensive  tourism.  You are invited to come join with the family, learn to cook, swim in the falls, explore the caves,  meet the village children, make camp fire and watch the night sky away from the influence of city electrics.


Sustainable Eco-culture and footprint free tourism is our ultimate aim. To find a harmonious balance between agriculture, tourism and nature.  As we have limited accommodation, and source our own power and water supply. This is  truly an escape, back to simplicity yet still providing basic creature comforts. A perfect environment for  those who need to unwind, relax and enjoy the beauty of nature, or for group bookings for educational , healing or art workshops.

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