Huai Mae Dee Noi

This trail is no longer being maintained

Length of trail :: 2.9 km

Hiking time :: 2 hours (maybe longer dependent on trail condition)

Difficulty level :: moderate (scale : easy, moderate, hard, ouch)

Terrain :: River valley leading to mixed decid’ and mixed evergreen forest with Bamboo forest

Minimum essentials :: 0.5 Litre water




Start point : starting point at the camping ground

Stream crossing 1 : in May the stream water was 2.5 m wide by 0.2 m deep

Stream crossing 2 : in May the stream water was 3 m wide by 0.6 m deep

End Point : back to the camp ground.


The Huai Mae Dee Noi camp ground is one of the 3 small sections of Huai Kha Kaeng that allows limited public access.


The Mae Dee trail in the Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuary is set up as an established and marked trail that starts and ends next to the camp site at Mae Dee.


It really is a trail of two halfs and the stream crossing splits those two halfs. Up to the first stream crossing its a very nice trail with a salt lick and some splendid primary growth trees as well as evidence of deer, elephant and pig. After the first stream crossing it changes to hillside mixed forest with a lot of bamboo growth which makes the trail very difficult. Bamboo does not like people and you will have the cuts and scrapes to show for it after wards.


The second difficulty is that the trail, after the stream crossing, has had little maintenance and we constantly lost the trail and had to search for it again and again. Because of this I would not recommend you attempt this trail without a guide (if you are inexperienced) or alternatively with a GPS and this trail route loaded (if you are confident in the forest). Even though its short this would be a very easy trail to get lost on if you are not used to the forest. For these reasons I have marked the trail as a “moderate” trail – physically it would be an “easy” trail under our matrix but it has technical difficulties.


As you can see from the elevation plot the trail ends with a climb to the top of a hill and then a subsequent descent to the stream/river valley. Upon our descent we had to navigate across the stream quickly as elephants were close by, though there could be a small spur on the trail that we were unable to take because of the elephants.


Another cautionary note would be the stream itself. I have put the widths and depths above because we crossed it in May i.e. at the end of the dry season. I would think that the stream would, obviously, become deeper and wider in the rainy season. You are going to get very wet either way, even in May.

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