I would camp, there is basic food at the HQ area and you can stock up on “essentials and goodies” at Lan Sak which is the biggest town in the area and has stores, a market and 2 x 7/11s. Am not sure if the camp site rents tents?

Last time I was there …. closest hotel (bungalows) is on the main road at the entrance to Lan Sak, about 500 meters before the hospital – I have stayed there, more than acceptable. Hup Pha Tad Homestay is good but another 15 mins drive away,

On the camping ground is a restaurant which only opens for large groups at the river bank. Myexperience is that there is electricity there if you need to charge batteries.

Near the head quarters (near the monument of Mr. Seub) is a restaurant where you can get Thai food. Make sure to order your dinner on time, because I think they won’t be there after about 17:00 – 18:00.
But it is possible for them to leave your dinner in a box at the gate.

Outside the park there are a couple of food stalls, but these also close early, dont expect to get food after 18:00.
Bring some bread and spreads from a 7-eleven just in case.

The new toilet building behind the visitor centre at the camp ground has nice toilets though seems like there won’t be light at night, and sadly they did not make showers in this new building. The old restrooms are not great, I don’t mind, but some people might… the usual Thai bucket showers.


There are three camp sites and a couple of large bungalows at camp HQ. But I understand that they are all closed to the public at this time. Something that needs to be confirmed.

No. I have. I go to Ban Rai and Lan Sak quite a lot (say 10 times a year) for other locations (i.e. not HKK HQ) for insects mainly. Ban Rai is no problem, great food available as well as decent accommodation. If I am closer to Lan Sak I will go in at night for food and cold ones. Its got three main restaurants and a bunch of noodle stalls (as far as I have found so far). The 3 restaurants I have found are all on the main road. First is just past the hospital and have a huge cockerel statue outside, the don’t sell kai yang though. Food is oily and miserable and always has a fly problem. Second is about 500 meters further up – eclectic little place with old stuff hanging on the walls, food is better but she closes about 4 oclock so never available at night. Third is over the road by the Fuel Station, very erratic with the quality, can be “edible” one night and “forcable downable” the next. Noodles can’t satisfy me if I have had a day on the karsts or forest. I am a fatty who likes good grub and a cold beer at the end of a hard day ;+)

Whenever I am in Lan Sak I stay at Pla Ra Home Stay (check the thread on Pla Ra and the details are there). It’s NOT a home stay, its bungalows , and its very clean and hospitable but no evening grub. It would add 40 minutes each way to your daily drive if you are going to HKK HQ.

If in Ban Rai I sleep and eat at Ban Suan , which is actually located in a petrol station!


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  1. Hello,
    My family (my husband, 3 teenagers and me) are going to visit Thailand in december 2017. First, we will go in the north and then, we want to visit the Huai Kha Khaeng wild life sanctuary. We expect to arrive near Huai Kha Khaeng wildlife sanctuary from December 29th to 31th and we would have a guide or ranger to guide us. Do you know, if it is possible to find one or if we have to book one and how ? Do you know if it is possible to find one who speak english ?
    Moreover, do you know if it is possible to sleep in the campsite of the park and if we need to book a place.
    Finally, we will rent a tourism car, but I do not know if it is good, if we have to rent a 4*4 or if the rangers which could guide us could have one.
    That’s all questions we have about this sanctuary which seems very interesting and marvelous.
    Thank you for all
    Best Regards
    Cristele Chevalier

    1. Difficult questions to answer without putting you off. You won’t be able to find an English speaking guide. But you should be able to get one of the rangers to guide you, despite limited communication skills. And I think that this just about sums up Thailand off the beaten track. You will need to be adaptable, work to a flexible itinerary and maintain a good sense of humour.

      I will email you in more detail.

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