Mae Wong National Parks

Mae Wong has 3 campsites at different stages up the mountain, number one has some really nice basic hut/cabins and an eatery. Further up you can camp by the river and there is a great viewpoint camp at the top.
from the summit you are about 40 km from Ti Lor Su – the biggest waterfall in S.E. asia – by road it is 475 km via Mae Sot!
This is the most amazing site – agin probably not too spectacular in April but…..Unfortunately the locals at Umphang – the nearest town to Ti Lor Su have closed the access road to private vehicles – this is just a cynical attempt to make more money for the locals. although the access road is really only open for about half the year and is only suitable for 4×4 it’s restriction is a dreadful mistake as there is a huge campsite near the waterfall and few people will want to leave their vehicles back in Umphang and have themselves and their equipment transported at the whim of a local taxi driver. I’ve heard that local hotel/resort owners are going spare at this ridiculous decision.

up from Mae Wong is Khlong Wang Chao NP – this has some really nice-looking bungalows that overlook the river valley. there is of course camping by the river. Follow the dirt road into the hills and it gets really scenic, surprise vallley farmsteads etc…..(be careful of the wooden bridges made of tree trunks – they aren’t always fixed in very well!)

all of this is part of the Western forest complex – WFC which is the last bastion of virgin forests in Thailand – they extend over the border into burma and constitute a major element in world conservation. The region is of course under threat from all quarters but it isn’t being helped by the governments plans to build a major highway through it from Kanch. to the Myanmar border – largely at the behest of the Chinese.

BTW – If you’re not into camping, i’ve found some great little resorts and other places to stay near all these parks

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