Mae Ping National Park


The Bhumibol Dam on the Ping River is the largest reservoir in Thailand. And boats are able to navigate from the dam through the Mae Ping National Park and Mae Tuen Wildlife Sanctuary, as far north as Doi Tao in Chiangmai province. The Mae Ping National Park covers approximately one thousand square kilometres on the borders of the Chiangmai, Lamphun and Tak provinces. The highest peak in this rugged mountain range  is Doi Huai Lao and the park is home to eighty species of exotic birds which inhadit the deciduous forests on the slopes of the mountains.


There are bungalows for rent and at least one official campsite

or one of the boat-houses on the water for at least 2 or 3 days.


Gor Luang Waterfall: This limestone waterfall cascades over no fewer than seven steps. This is a popular haunt of people living in the Lamphun area who come here to enjoy the spectacular stalactites surrounding the waterfall and its pool which holds many fish.

Gaeng Gor: a beautiful lake particularly suited for water sports and recreation. The park authorities have provided floating raft houses here. The main Kaeng Koh Raft House lies in the centre of the Bhumibol dam, from where you can hire boats to fish or to explore the lake. There are a number of spectacular waterfalls in this area that are well worth a visit.

Pha Dam – Pha Daeng: a sheer cliff rising from the tropical forests, and only accessible on foot. The summit offers a magnificent panorama of the great Mae Ping National Park.

Yaang Wee Cave: this limestone cave lies in the Li district of Lumphun and is home to thousands of bats who flit among the stalactites and stalagmites. The cave is situated in a rich pine forest and the area provides an ideal spot for camping.

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