Golden Triangle

The Golden Triangle near Laos & Myanmar

Bike gorgeous backcountry lanes through remote villages, where school kids rush out to greet you

Walk alongside elephants on their way to a watering hole

Experience intriguing interactions with Buddhist monks at ornate temples

Float down the Maekok River in traditional long-tail boats

You’re in Thailand, so mai pen rai—no worries!

Bike an oxcart path among lush rice paddies. Admire an ornate Buddhist temple in a jungle-filled valley. Relish a homemade curry. Stare at jagged limestone hills that haven’t changed for a thousand years. Ask yourself, “Is it Tuesday?” It doesn’t matter because you’re in Thailand. Mai pen rai.

Days 1-2 Receive a blessing from the village elders and visit with the resident monk  Spin into the countryside on hard-packed paths, cutting through thriving rice and garlic fields, and stands of papaya and teak  Discover Wat Pra Prabat Si Roy, a remote and picturesque forest temple.

Days 3-4 Bike gorgeous backcountry lanes through remote villages, where schoolchildren rush out to greet you  Beneath the White Buddha, offer alms to monks at sunrise  Fall for the handmade jewelry at an Akha hill tribe village  A scenic descent leads to the trading center of Fang and temple-rich Thaton  Savor Thai cuisine at an atmospheric café—and find inspiration for your upcoming cooking class.

Day 5 Float in long-tail boats down the Maekok River  Pedal on narrow lanes past small villages into vibrant Chiang Rai  Embark on a culinary adventure, wandering the streets of Chiang Rai and sampling some of Thailand’s unique delicacies and delicious street food.

Days 6-8 Experience a fascinating convergence of Thai, Laotian, Burmese and Chinese cultures  Walk with elephants through the jungle to their watering hole  Bike alongside the Mekong River on the Laos and Myanmar border, passing tobacco fields and rice paddies on the way to the ancient Burmese kingdom of Chiang Saen Relax poolside, indulge in a massage or spin to the spectacular Chom Kitti temple  Browse Sop Ruak’s market for a refreshing Thai iced tea and one-of-a-kind handicrafts.

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